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Shamus Award-winner J.L. Abramo’s follow-up to his highly acclaimed novel GRAVESEND is a wild thrill ride through his native land—Brooklyn, New York.  CONEY ISLAND AVENUE is an emotionally packed chronicle of good and evil, triumph and tragedy and—just below the surface—Abramo’s narrative is a universal tale of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters.

                                                     —Denver Review


Detectives Samson and Murphy are back.

James Samson, now captain, and Thomas Murphy, soon to be reluctantly promoted to lieutenant, are joined by some new and familiar faces at the Sixty-first Precinct—as they frantically work to solve a rash of brutal murders and each deals with personal conflicts.


Detective Marina Ivanov—trying to prove the innocence of a friend accused of murder.


Detective Bernie Senderowitz—the brilliant veteran engaged in a battle with the bottle.


Detective Sandra Rosen—unknowingly stalked by a former lover.


Detective Marty Richards—his daughter diagnosed with a potentially life threatening illness.

Detective Ripley—haunted by the ghosts of those he was forced to kill in the line of duty.


And Captain Samson himself—his teenage son a victim of a near fatal shooting.

Praise for GRAVESEND
"In our top five for best of 2012 is
J. L. Abramo's GRAVESEND.
This is a remarkable book that will tie you in knots as you wait to see how it all plays out.
A truly exceptional novel."
Crimespree Magazine

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