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BROOKLYN JUSTICE is a wild ride through the streets of the Borough of Churches.  Private investigator Nick Ventura knows trouble—but not how to keep his nose out of it. A pool of blood spreading across a casino poker table, a Buick plowing through a storefront with a dead detective aboard, a fatal rendezvous in the shadow of a Coney Island landmark, a childhood friend gunned down walking his dog in the wrong place at the wrong time, a film mogul who thinks he can get away with murder through intimidation and violence, a mob boss assassinated leaving a neighborhood restaurant, and the particular brand of retribution necessary to level the playing field in the fourth largest city in America.

If grit, hard guys, and the rhythm of the mean streets is your thing, BROOKLYN JUSTICE has got them in spades and J.L. Abramo is your man.

                       —Reed Farrel Coleman

          New York Times Bestselling author of WHERE IT HURTS


J.L Abramo writes noir the way God and Hammett intended—tough, terse and smart.  BROOKLYN JUSTICE is a great read with razor-sharp prose and a compelling cast.  Nick Ventura is my kind of PI.

                               —Michael Koryta

                                  New York Times Bestselling author of

                                                THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD



In BROOKLYN JUSTICE, award winning author J.L. Abramo again demonstrates his firm grasp on the language and morality of his native streets, with as many surprises as there are casualties. An ideal follow-up to his acclaimed novel GRAVESEND.                      —The Denver Review


Abramo weaves a seemingly loose collection of conversations, reflections and memories into a suddenly tight narrative—no stray threads, no unnecessary details, nothing wasted.

Art Taylor, author of ON THE ROAD WITH DEL & LOUISE

BROOKLYN JUSTICE covers ten months in the dangerous life of private investigator

Nick Ventura in a novella and five shorts stories—six interconnected parts.

Part One: POCKET QUEENS (August)
Part Three: THE LAST RESORT (March)
Part Two: BUICK IN A BEAUTY SHOP (November)
Part Four: WALKING THE DOG (April)
Part Six: THE FIST (June)




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