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Jake Diamond is back and it feels like the return of an old friend.  One of my all-time favorite PI series—CIRCLING THE RUNWAY is the best yet.

-Steve Hamilton, Edgar Award-winning author of The Lock Artist


Think it is impossible to find a new take on the wise-cracking San Francisco PI? Meet Jake Diamond and think again. Jake and his crew—both the good guys and the bad guys—are sharp and smart, convincing and complex.

-SJ Rozan, Edgar Award-winning author of Skin of the Wolf


J.L. Abramo’s CIRCLING THE RUNWAY offers the swagger and strut of Raymond Chandler, the skintight plotting of James M. Cain and smart-ass one-line humor smacking of Mickey Spillane.

-Jack Getze, Author of Big Money and Big Mojo


In CIRCLING THE RUNWAY, J.L. Abramo is shooting at us again—and he’s doing it from every shadow and hidden doorway, from every window and passing car. And damned if every bullet doesn’t hit its mark perfectly.

-Trey Barker, Author of Death is Not Forever and Exit Blood


Private Investigator Jacob Diamond and San Francisco Detective Sergeant Roxton Johnson are famous for not getting along.  Cats and dogs.  Oil and water.  Liston and Ali.  Jake and Rocky. 


When an Assistant District Attorney is murdered in his high-rise apartment building, and Johnson suspects his lieutenant may have something to do with it, he can think of no one else to turn to for help—no one he can trust—but Jake Diamond. 


If the mismatched duo can avoid stepping on each other’s toes long enough—they may be able to stop circling the runway and land on the villain’s doorstep. Lieutenant Laura Lopez, Detective Ray Boyle, Joey Clams, Vinnie Strings and Darlene Roman are all back in the first new Jake Diamond escapade since Counting to Infinity.



Jake Diamond returns after a ten-year hiatus, and his reappearance is well worth the wait. Abramo offers yet another smart, funny and action packed installment to his award-winning series with CIRCLING THE RUNWAY.      

-The Denver Review



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